Horton Farm Caravan Park is a static site only. No tourers, motorhomes or tents.

The following information issued on 13th March 2021 by Welsh Government now applies:-

Travel in and out of Wales is not permitted unless there is a reasonable excuse. Travel within Wales is also limited to within the local area. Therefore, people should not be travelling outside of their local area unless they have a reasonable excuse.

However, in light of the plans to reopen self-contained accommodation in Wales on 27 March, we recognise that owners may need to check, inspect, or maintain their property in preparation of accepting bookings. We would encourage this activity to be undertaken by someone locally if possible in order to minimise travel outside of the local area. If this is not possible, then you are permitted to travel for these preparation purposes only. You, or anyone acting on your behalf, must not stay overnight at the property.

The same rules apply to caravans, boats and other temporary accommodation.